Polarised lenses


    Polarised lenses explained

Polarised lenses save you from blinding reflected light.

Non-polarised tinted lenses only block ambient light from reaching the eye. They can not block glare from light that has become polarised.

Understanding how glare works and how polarised lenses can prevent it is important in making the right lens decision.

Light usually scatters in all directions, this is ambient light. However when this light is reflected from flat surface such as water or ice it can become polarised, usually in the horizontal direction. This results in glare, intense light that can temporarily dazzle and disorientate. Only polarised lenses can remove this glare.

Polarised lenses not only help to prevent glare, they can also improve visual acuity, colour contrast and general eye comfort.

Polarised lenses are popular with sailors and fishermen who want to reduce reflected glare from the water surface. Now, however they have become more popular amongst other users such as bikers, golfers, joggers, drivers as well as for recreational use. Anybody who doesn’t want to have glare affect them.

For these reasons all of our Ridr Switch Sunglasses come with polarised lenses, click here to create your very own custom design.

With Ridr Switch sunglasses, you can now have the best Custom Polarised Sunglasses and be assured that you are looking great whilst keeping your eyes protected.

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Are there times when polarised lenses don’t benefit?

Absolutely there are times when polarised lenses won’t benefit!

Though polarised lenses can improve comfort and visual acuity, there are times when these lenses may not be advisable.

When out skiing or snowboarding you may not want to block light reflecting off icy patches because this can allow you to see and avoid or prepare for approaching icy surface(s).

Polarised lenses can also make reading any device with a digital screen hard/impossible as they block the light. From mobile phones to sat nav’s.

The majority of our Ridr Edge Goggle lenses are not polarised to allow for spotting the icy or wet patches more easily. However we do offer a polarised option on the S3 dark grey lens that you can select for your chosen goggles or have as a spare lens if you prefer overall eye comfort and aren’t bothered by reducing the ice’s visibility.

If you do opt for our Polarised ski goggles lenses, you can always pop the lens off and back on in seconds to view any digital device more easily due to our magnetic lens system.

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